story of bogshed

Bogshed formed in Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire, England in 1985, initially as The Amazing Roy North Penis Band, and comprised Phil Hartley (vocals), Mike Bryson (bass), Mark McQuaid (guitar) and Tristan King (drums).

The Membranes' John Robb signed them up to his 'Vinyl Drip' label, releasing the classic debut EP 'Let Them Eat Bogshed', before they moved on to Shelfish Records.

Championed by John Peel, they recorded 5 sessions for his radio show between 1985 and 1987, and gained regular airplay. The uncompromising mix of angular guitar-led tunes and Hartley's energetic vocals (his stated aim was to sing like Doris Day!) meant that Peel's listeners either loved Bogshed or found them unpalatable. After 2 superb LPs and a string of great singles, Bogshed called it a day, the last single ("Stop Revolving") never making it out of the warehouse.

Hartley popped up late in 1988 with a solo Peel Session, but no releases were forthcoming. King went on to play with Jackdaw With Crowbar and later A Witness, while Mike Bryson, who was responsible for the sleeve artwork is now the world's foremost cartoonist/illustrator.

The inimitable Mr. Hartley