the bogshed discography

"Let Them Eat Bogshed" 12" EP Vinyl Drip DRIP2 (Oct 1985)

Panties Please
Spencer Travis
Fat Lad Exam Failure
Slave Girls
City Girls
Hand Me Down Father

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"Morning Sir" 7" single Shelfish SHELF1 (May 1986)

Morning Sir
Story of BOGSHED

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"Step On It" LP Shelfish SHELF2 (Aug 1986)

Mechanical Nun
Run To The Temple
Adventure Of Dog
Tommy Steele Record
Jobless Youngsters
Tried To Hide But Forced To Howl
Packed Lunch To School
Summer In My Lunchtime
The Fastest Legs
Oily Stack
Hell Bent On Death
Can't Be Beat
Little Car

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"Tried And Tested" 12" EP Shelfish SHELF3 (Jan 1987)

Tried and Tested Public Speaker
Champion Love Shoes
Little Grafter
Morning Sir
Fastest Legs
Adventures Of Dog

(Tracks taken from the two 1986 Peel Sessions)

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"Brutal" LP Shelfish SHELF4 (Aug 1987)

Raise The Girl
Geoff's Big Problem
Old Dog New Dance
No To Lemon Mash
I'm The Instrument
Opportunatist Knocks
People Equal Greedy
Sing A Little Tune
C'mon Everybody
Uncle Death Grip

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"Stop Revolving" 7" single Shelfish SHELF5 (Unreleased)

Stop Revolving
Your Science, My Sound

"Excellent Girl!" 7" single Shelfish SHELF6 (Nov 1987)

Excellent Girl!
True Rope

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Compilation Appearances:

"Raging Sun" LP Rouska RANT001 (1985)
featured: Hand Me Down Father

"NME C86" LP/MC NME C86 (1986)
featured: Run To The Temple

"Imminent 4" LP Food BITE4 (1986)
featured: Runner On A Blunder

"Hits and Corruption" LP Hits and Corruption HAC-001 (1986)
featured: Packed Lunch To School